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De Brock is pleased to present its first exhibition with the American artist Austin Eddy, opening on May 18th.

Austin Eddy’s paintings, drawings and sculptures sit at the intersection of figuration and abstraction, foregrounding the use of a bold colour palette, textured application and a universal empathetic narrative.

With references to canonical movements including Modernism, Cubism and Geometric Abstraction, as well as more colloquial or craft influences such as American quilting and rural folk art, his depictions resist the limitations of traditional representation.

A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he studied under Barbara Rossi of the prestigious Chicago Imagists, Eddy explores our shared human experience through the use of his dominant and recurrent bird motifs.

Able to at once evoke freedom through their flight, repression when caged and loss through their innate ephemerality, they serve as an avian allegory for all life’s pleasure, challenges and inevitable end.

For his solo presentation at De Brock, Eddy presents a selection of recent artworks including three paintings that exemplify his unique, poetic approach to image-making, alongside a totemic, talismanic bronze sculpture and a concentrated, monochromatic work on paper.

A recent interview published in Collectors Agenda can be consulted here.

The opening reception will be held in presence of the artist from 6 till 8 pm, please email us for more information.