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Founded in 1991 by Patrick De Brock, we currently occupy two spaces in the Belgian coastal city of Knokke. Thanks to this geographical location, we enjoy an energetic flow of both national and international visitors, coming from Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and The Netherlands.

Our aim is to promote post-war and contemporary art in Belgium, with a focus on abstract painting. Over the past three decades, the program has developed around a concise group of renowned artists, including Alan Charlton, Günther Förg, Bernard Frize, Imi Knoebel, Jason Martin, Julian Opie, Dan Walsh, Terry Winters and Heimo Zobernig. Furthermore, we are also active in the secondary market, specifically focusing on Minimalism, Conceptual Art and Color Field Painting. In doing so, we have slowly but surely cemented our position as one of the key players in Belgium’s art scene.

In 2017, the gallery was joined by Patrick’s son, Bertram, turning the operation into a family affair. Since, a number of promising, emerging artists were added to the roster, such as Ethan Cook, Beth Letain and Landon Metz. We are looking forward to continuing this pursuit in the decades to come and keep on introducing new positions and practices we find worth showing.