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De Brock Gallery is very pleased to announce its second solo exhibition with the celebrated French painter Bernard Frize.

As in all the series that the artist has been developing in the last forty years, here too the paintings have been entirely conceived beforehand. In doing so, the execution of the works seems almost mechanical, using simple gestures and repeating them in a systematic way.

For my second show with Bernard I’ve chosen a most remarkable series from 2010 - 2011, previously shown at the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon.

In this magnificent sequence of 10 works, the artist chooses for every painting a specific color, applied in a perfectly even way as background and then applies horizontal streaks in a rhythmic way in a second color. The result is stunningly elegant, gracious and seems so simple and straightforward.

As so many times when confronted with a show of Bernard Frize paintings they look efficient and at the same time one senses a touch of humor, as in the artist’s choice of the titles, each time referring to a name of a mountain.

An upcoming survey of Bernard Frize is planned at the Centre Pompidou, Paris in May of next year, it will certainly be a show that will not be left behind.