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De Brock is pleased to invite Belgian interior designer and furniture dealer Frederic Hooft.

In the world of design and art, the intersection of functionality and aesthetics has always been a realm of boundless creativity. It is where form meets function, where beauty coexists with utility, and where innovation intertwines with tradition. The objective of this collaboration is to mount a presentation that seamlessly merges the worlds of furniture design and contemporary art.

At the heart of this presentation are exquisite furniture pieces crafted by visionaries in the field: Cini Boeri, Pierre Chapo, Jean Prouvé, Carlo Scarpa and Hans Wegner. Each of these designers has left an indelible mark on the history of furniture design, pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship, materials, and functionality.

But the presentation offers more than just a showcase of exceptional furniture; it presents an extraordinary synergy with contemporary art. The paintings of Ethan Cook, Keith Coventry and Niele Toroni complement the furniture pieces in a stunning dialogue of color, texture, and form.

Open by appointment, for enquiries please e-mail or