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De Brock Gallery is very pleased to announce its first solo exhibition with the Brooklyn-based artist Landon Metz. Reminiscent of colour field painters such as Helen Frankenthaler and Morris Louis, Landon Metz’ paired down aesthetic points to his time growing up in Arizona. His ink-stained canvasses, often arranged around a space in a sequential installation, have a precision and lightness that reflect his airy Brooklyn studio.

The exhibition comprises three series of paintings of the same compositional arrangement but with different colour tones — light green, chartreuse yellow and dark green. The three series of paintings are installed on three walls of identical width, accentuating this repetitious element in the gallery’s architecture. The other walls being left blank, the viewer’s attention is drawn exclusively to these three points of attention. Metz is not trying to create singular pieces of work, but open out new ways in which one looks at and exists within a particular space.