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Since the 1960s, a number of artists, for different reasons, have taken the decision to repeat a single practice throughout their working lives.

Alan Charlton's practice is to make a grey painting. He has been doing this since the early seventies in the most honest, direct, pure, simple and absolute way. His paintings are generated by a system, based on a set of rules, with color, dimension and the relation to the exhibition space as the basic parameters.

The result is an impressive oeuvre spanning over a period of 40 years, each painting a combination of conceptual clarity and painterly handling. Charlton's unconditional commitment is to painting and the will to reduce it to essentials and to create richness of form and content from absolute simplicity.

This is the second solo show of the artist at the gallery. Alan Charlton is 64 years old and lives and works in London. His work is represented by major galleries and has found its way into numerous museums and private collections world wide.