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De Brock Gallery is very pleased to announce its fourth solo exhibition with the renowned British minimalist artist Alan Charlton.

In the 1970s, Charlton famously decided to make monochromatic paintings using only shades of gray and canvases whose dimensions are factors of 4.5 cm. He settled on gray because he considered it the epitome of ordinary, but quickly realized the color’s permutable potential and expressiveness. Though he works within these strict parameters, Charlton has explored a wide variety of formal possibilities and combinations using his limited materials. He tends to work serially and methodically through iterations of an idea.

The exhibition features a recent series of 7 trapezium paintings, each differing from another in both shape and tone. Far from being monotone and unexciting, these works concentrate on physicality, uniformity and method as they evoke a profound sense of the painting as a spatial entity.