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De Brock is pleased to present its second solo exhibition with the New York-based artist Ethan Cook (b. 1983), comprising of 15 new hand-woven paintings, installed across both our spaces.

Continuing his practice of woven textiles that he started around a decade ago, Cook continues to rely on the existential aspect of the work itself while making two notable compositional changes.

Firstly, and most noticeably, the artist has moved away from the solely rectangular blocks of color that made up the previous series of paintings and has started to implement curved lines to delineate his compositions. This results in a richer and more dynamic vocabulary wherein the artist gains more freedom to define the compositions himself and create tension between the different fields of color.

Secondly, the artist has begun to include multiple panels in the same work – two or three woven panels are now sometimes adjoined in one frame to create a single work. Through this division, Cook encourages a conversation between the multiple panels. The line may flow freely across the panels, but does not always line up as expected, which again creates the phenomenon of tension and interruption which also is echoed in the structure of the canvas. As one panel ends and the next begins, there is a continuity, yet also a subtle disconnect.

The opening reception will be held in presence of the artist on Saturday, September 4th, from 6 till 8 pm. Please e-mail for enquiries.